How long will it take you to return my work?

We ensure to turn around all work of 5000 words or less within three working days from when it is sent to us, however, some projects make take longer if they are made of many parts or need a high level of editing. If any project is likely to take longer than three days to turnaround, this will be communicated to you before payment. If you would like a guaranteed turnaround within 24 hours, this can be arranged at an express price. We will discuss with you a time frame for any projects that are longer than 5000 words.


How do I pay?

You will need to pay for your proofreading/copy-editing before it will be looked at by the editor. We accept payments from all major card types.


Do I need proofreading or copy-editing? What is the difference between them?

In short, proofreading looks for typos and small errors in work and is usually the final stage before a piece of writing goes to print or is sent off to its final location. Copy-editing is more in depth and is used when there might be bigger changes in sentence structure needed, or where the text may need to be edited to fit into a word count or to improve the style. Most frequently, customers will ask for a proofread when actually they need a copy-edit. If you are not a native English speaker, most likely your work will need to be copy-edited before being proofread. For personal statements and CVs, we can offer another level of editing where we can provide extensive suggestions of things to include and improvements to the writing. Don’t worry, at Final Read you do not need to decide for yourself whether your need a proofread or copy-edit. We require a sample of the work to be sent to us before we provide a quote so we will let you know what level of editing your work needs, before you pay.  


How will I know how much my work will cost?

We will always ask to see a sample of your work before providing a fixed quote. We work on hourly rates and we therefore predict how long we will spend on a piece of work by seeing a sample first. Work which is well written and only requires a quick proofread will take less time than work which is not written by a native speaker or that requires more copy-editing. Work only requiring a proofread will take around one hour for 1000 words. Work which requires copy-editing or advice on what to include can take up to two hours per 1000 words or more. We will communicate costs before we start work on your writing. If you require an express service, please let us know at the time of submitting a sample.


When should I contact you?

You should contact us as soon as you know that you will be requiring an editor or proofreader, even if you haven’t finished your writing yet. This way, we will have arranged everything; discussed your needs, discussed price and payment; and we will be ready to proofread for a quick three-day turnaround when you send us the piece. If you are in a hurry and require an express service, make sure to contact us early so that we can carry out your express service when you have finished writing. 


How many times can I send my work to you?

You can send your work to us as many times as you need until it is perfect in your eyes. If you are a native speaker with a good level of English, you might only require a proofread and you therefore might only need to send it to us once. We will send the changes back to you and you can accept or reject them. If you are not a native speaker, you might require a higher level of editing. Sometimes we are sent documents with sentences that don’t make sense and we will have to edit them to make the writing make sense. We will then ask you to check whether or not that is what you meant to say. If you have had a copy-edit, you will probably want to follow up with a proofread afterwards to check you have added all the changes in correctly. Each time you resend the work, we will provide you with a new fixed quote.



Which software can you use to proofread and edit?

We can proofread using a range of software. For editing services or with help writing a personal statement or CV, we recommend using Microsoft Word with track changes as this is an easy way to edit long pieces of text and provide comments. We can also use Google Docs for similar editing needs. We can annotate PDF or other documents if they require a final proofread when typeset. We will discuss with you the best software to use when you get in contact.




How can you help me with my personal statement?

Personal statements can be a very difficult piece of writing for a number of reasons; one of which being that often it is the first piece of writing in this style that a student has written. We can proofread your personal statement if you are already happy with it or we can edit it if it needs some improvements in the sentence structure and wording. We are also able to give you advice on your personal statement to ensure it is written in the correct style and that you have sold yourself well to the university. This can be done through written comments or virtual meetings.




How can you help me with my CV?

Writing a good CV is an important life skill which can ensure that you are always able to find a job in your desired field. We can help you write your CV at every level – from brainstorming of ideas, to helping with an eye-catching template, to proofreading the final version. We can ensure that you have covered the criteria for the job you are applying for, that you have adapted your CV to each job, and that you have sold your skills to the employer.


Can you help me with job applications?

When it comes to applying for jobs, we can help you at all stages – our services are not limited to just CVs. We can also proofread, edit or advise on application forms and cover letters, ensuring that you always present the best version of yourself. We can ensure that your application stands out from the crowd and fits the job description.



What if I have lots of little things that need proofreading?

Some companies or individuals will have lots of smaller items for proofreading, perhaps even proofreading for social media posts. In this situation, please contact us and we will arrange a quote for you for repeated business to ensure you get the best price.



Can you proofread and copy-edit essays and dissertations?

When it comes to proofreading and copy-editing essays and dissertations, the rules can be blurry. Whether or not we can look over your essay and the extent to which we can edit your essay both depend on the rules of your university. You should refer to your university policy when contacting us so we can ensure that we are doing what is allowed, as different universities will have different rules. If it is not stated in the university’s policy, we will need written confirmation from a lecturer that we can copy-edit your essay. Once your work has been submitted and graded, there are no longer ethical implications around us copy-editing work which is to be published so we can offer that as a service.


What is essay coaching?

Many universities do not allow students to use a copy-editor to help them with a dissertation or essay, although others do (have a look at our blog post about proofreading and editing essays). Likewise, sometimes the help that students need when writing an essay often goes beyond the scope of a copy-editor. When we have proofread essays in the past, English language tends to be a secondary issue to not achieving a top grade, rather than the primary, as most students at university have a level of English that allows them to be understood clearly in writing. Essay coaching can provide you with the skills you need to be able to write a top-grade essay every time. This service can be what you want it to be. You can tell us the area that you are struggling with in essay writing or you can send us a sample of your work so that we can identify it. We can then identify areas for you to work on. Essay coaching will provide you with general writing skills rather than copy-editing an essay for submission. Essay coaching can take place through a mixture of virtual meetings and feedback on written work.