We do not offer one flat rate for proofreading or editing as every job is different and is based on the needs of the client. Where some customers will require a proofread, others will require more editing. Proofreading takes a lot less time than editing and will normally only require us to look at a piece of writing once. The client can then decide whether to accept the changes. If copy-editing is needed, the editing process will take longer than a simple proofread. Likewise, multiple revisions might need to be sent between the copy-editor and the client so that the client can make decisions on which changes they want to incorporate. If you are unsure whether you require a proofread or a copy-edit, take a look at our blog post which outlines the differences between them. Upon seeing a sample of your work, we will also advise on whether you require a proofread or copy-edit.

Where CVs and personal statements are involved, we can dedicate a lot of time to providing suggestions that go beyond copy-editing and proofreading. Not offering a flat rate based on the word count allows us a high level of flexibility which prioritises your needs as the client. It prevents you from being overcharged for a simple proofread and also allows you to feel comfortable to keep sending it back to us multiple times.

Prices per hour can be found on the page for the service you require, whether you are interested in CVs, personal statements, academic papers, essays or business needs. Prices differ based upon the level of expertise required by the job. In order to provide you with a fixed quote, we require a sample of your work, the word count and a description of your criteria so we can provide a quote based on the time it will take us to complete your project. We will work out the timing based on the number of words, the formatting, the level of revision required, and the level of English. Once we have received payment, we can start straight away and return your work within three working days, provided it is less than 5000 words.

If you require an express turnaround and require your revisions in fewer than three days, please let us know when providing a sample of the work. We will be able to arrange a suitable express price for you, based on your requirements and time frame.

Please see our FAQs if you have any other questions about what you require and when to contact us.

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