Applying for jobs can be a really stressful experience. You could be the perfect candidate for a job, but if your CV is not up to scratch, you are unlikely to get an interview. Likewise, it is also possible to blag your way into a job you are not qualified for because you have written an outstanding CV.

At Final Read, we can help you with your CVs or job applications in a number of different ways, depending on what it is you need from us. We are flexible in the way that we work with you and are happy to receive multiple submissions of a piece of work to get it perfect before you submit it. We have experience working on hundreds of CVs and job applications, with a high rate of success for customers.

Having impeccable spelling and grammar is integral to being successful in a job application. Even if the content is good, errors on the page can deter employers. We can take a final proofread of CVs, cover letters and job applications to ensure you are completely error-free.

Some people require a little more assistance than this and are not used to writing in the style of a CV. They may struggle to choose which tense to write in or need help to keep their sentences succinct. For this, we can offer a copy-edit of a CV, making sure text is consistent and fits within a page limit.


if you are looking for help with your CV or a job application


    Other people will require more extensive revisions and advice on how to write a CV. A common mistake people make in CVs is to under-sell themselves or to list off their roles in an organisation without mentioning the skills they have gained and without mentioning areas where they have gone above and beyond in their role. We can provide extensive advice on ensuring your CV stands out from the crowd, including suggesting a template and even having virtual meetings to discuss your skills, if necessary.

    CV style is also very specific to the country within which you are applying. We can help to ensure that your CV is the correct style for UK jobs, ensuring that you have included enough specific information to sell yourself as a candidate, but that you have not included information which might hinder your application in the UK.

    Our services are not limited just to CVs. We have also helped hundreds of customers with cover letters and job specific application forms from a wide range of fields from education to consulting, law and tech. 

    Proofreading and editing of CVs starts from £25 per hour. Some customers will require more communication and discussion over what to put in their CV – prices will be adjusted based on a conversation of the customer’s needs.