In our experience, many students will seek a proofreader if they underperform in an essay, in order to improve the English language in their essay for resubmission. We have found, however, that generally if students underperform, there is usually another issue in the essay other than the quality of English; perhaps the structure of the essay, the explanations they are providing of the research, or issues in their actual research skills. These issues tend not to be specific to one essay but are skills that most people can refine generally, to aid them through further levels of education and the workplace.

Coaching sessions are tailored to your needs and can be life-changing for students from A-level to postgraduate level. The skills you will develop in these sessions will help you to excel in essays in all topics and at any level. We can train you to write essays for exams, undergraduate essays and even postgraduate project submission.



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    Prior to the coaching session, we will ask you to send a sample of your work so we can identify areas for you to work on. You might have a specific area you want to focus on, or you might have no idea where you are going wrong. Based on your requirements, we will then make a bespoke session for you to focus on your specific essay writing needs. You might have a specific essay in mind, or you might want more general advice.

    Areas that students have worked on in the past include:

    • How to start researching for a university essay
    • How to write essays to a time limit in exams
    • Writing an introduction and a conclusion
    • What a paragraph should look like
    • How to use research but still make the essay your own
    • How to avoid plagiarism
    • Paraphrasing
    • How to structure an essay
    • How to reference academic research in an essay
    • How to choose the title of an essay
    • How to keep your essay to the title and avoid tangents

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    Essay coaching prices depend on what your requirements are, but they can start from as little as £25 for an hour’s work.