If you need a proofread of an essay, we can offer this service to you. We can ensure that your spelling is perfect, that you have consistently used either British or American English, and that you have used a consistent referencing style throughout. We can also comment on sentences which are unclear in terms of language, but we will not comment on the points made. This applies to essays at all levels, including for master’s degrees and PhD submissions. Having a final read of essays is useful for all students, as it is hard to proofread a long piece of text you have written yourself. We frequently miss errors when we try and proofread our own work as we tend to predict what we intended to write rather than read what we actually wrote.

When it comes to copy-editing, some universities don’t allow their students to use a copy-editor before submission of essays for assessment. If you would like to use this service, you will need to send us written permission by an assessing lecturer or find the relevant passage in the university guidelines which allows it. With a copy-edit, we can comment on the choice of wording and suggest edits to sentence structure to improve your writing.


    It is likely that you will only require a proofread for your essay or dissertation. However, if you require more assistance than just a proofread because you are struggling to know where to start with an essay, we recommend you take a look at our essay coaching services. Essay coaching will help to refine your essay writing skills in general. We can work on different aspects of your writing and research depending on your needs. We can even take a look at a previous essay you have done to identify areas to work on. Essay coaching allows you to work more specifically on your writing without worrying about ethical considerations as we will not be editing the text of your actual essay. The skills that you will gain through essay coaching can then be applied to any other essay you will need to write; at any level you require.

    Essay proofreading and copy-editing starts from £25 for an hour’s work.