Your personal statement can be one of the most important pieces of writing you will ever write, as a place at your dream university, on your dream course, can change your life trajectory forever. We can help you in a number of ways to ensure you get a place on your dream course. We can help you from discussing ideas and a structure to get your creative juices flowing, to providing a last final read of your personal statement before you submit it. Common mistakes in personal statements include writing a life story which is not relevant to the course, focusing too much on the university and not enough on yourself, and not understanding what the course is that you are applying for.

You might be happy with the content, but just need some restructuring or help with sentence structure so we can do a copy-edit for you if that’s what you need. Alternatively, you may just need a final proofread for grammar and spelling before you submit your essay, which is a service we also offer. The number of revisions of your personal statement you want us to look at is up to you. We can keep working until you think it is perfect.


    Some people are completely lost when it comes to personal statements and have no idea where to start. We can give you extensive advice on your personal statement and walk you through the writing process if this is what you need. We can even arrange a virtual meeting to get your initial ideas down on paper and we can see multiple revisions.

    We can help you with personal statements for universities in any English-speaking country. So far, we have helped hundreds of students secure places at universities in the UK, the US, Canada and Malta; on courses ranging from medicine, computer science, drama, LLM and MBA.

    Having a professional look at your personal statement is particularly beneficial if your first language is not English. We can adapt the style to make sure it is appropriate for the country in which you are applying and ensure you present yourself with the highest level of English language. We can also ensure consistency in your English, to ensure it is all in British or American English.

    Proofreading and editing of personal statements starts at £20 per hour. If you require more advice on what to include in your personal statement, we can discuss this – prices will be adjusted accordingly.