Why you really need to hire a professional to help write your CV

A lot of the time, in fact most of the time, the difference between a person getting an interview for a job and not getting an interview for a job, is not how good they are as a candidate, but how good their CV is. The most employable person on the planet wouldn’t be able to get a job with a poor CV. Likewise, plenty of people have bluffed their way into jobs for which they are nowhere near qualified, just by having a spectacular CV.

For a lot of people, CV writing is a painful experience. Sadly, in the times we live in, a lot of people lack confidence and find it hard to believe in themselves, so much so that it comes across in the CV that they have no self-belief. I have been there myself and asking family and friends for help only results in more awkwardness as they look at you through their rose-tinted spectacles and make judgements about your skills and experiences.

Over time, I learnt to take myself out of the equation and pretend that I wasn’t writing the CV about myself, but about a person I didn’t know – a person with the necessary qualifications and experience for the role. As soon as I saw myself as someone else and not as myself, I became instantly more successful in acquiring interviews. This is the benefit that hiring a professional to help write your CV brings.

As a professional, I look at the experiences you have had and the roles you have done and get them down on paper with no judgement. I do not know how big or small your role was in something; I do not question whether you are being overconfident in your abilities; I do not think twice about why you were promoted or if you should have been promoted. I help you to get the required facts on paper in a way that clearly outlines your skills without downplaying anything or showing a lack of confidence.

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